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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  April 28, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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that is tonight's willis report, thank you for joining us, have a great week, and dvr the show, if you can't catch us live, have a great evening. lou: good evening confusing messages from the white house, president obama walks back from his red line decree on syrian use of chemical weapons. this aftee u.s. intelligence sources yesterday reported that on at least two occasions, assad regime had used seron gas on its population, the president instead laying out another red line for the assad regime, that is already slaughtered tens of thousands of its civilians. >> horrific as it is, when mortars are fired on civilians
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to use potential once one crosses another line. with respect to international norms and law. and that is going to be a game changer. lou: president obama has been repeating since as far back of august of last year, that assad's use of chemical weapons on his own people would cross a so-called red line, that would result in u.s. involvement in now 2 year long syrian civil iar. president today however called for more investigation into the intelligence communities assessment of the use of chemical weapons, and president incredibly said that syria had crossed a different red line, with their constant murderous assault on their population. >> i think that in many ways a line has been crossed when see see tens of thousands of
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innocent people killed by the regime. lou: the mixed messages could have the syrian dictator wondering whether he has crossed a so-called red line at all, and whether empty threats are being issued by the leader of the free world, president made his comments after meeting with king abdullah of jordan, a flood of refugees has crossed the border from syria. fox news senior white house correspondent reports. >> a day a after his aide said siarsyria had used chemical wea. >> this is not solve overnight. >> reporter: mr. obama met with jordan's king abdullah. >> since yoo must visit to
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jordan 5 weeks ago we had over 50,000 refugees, we're 10% of increase of our population. >> reporter: jordan's jobless rate is 20% that puts political pressure on the king, lawmakers saying supporting abdullah is one of the main reasons for intervention in syria, but first is securing chemical weapons after assad's fall. u.s. said there is fizz logical evidence of chemical weapons use. there are questions about the chain of custody, and u.n. investigators have not been allowed to get to either scene of what are believed to be two attacks. in light of weapons of mass destruction not found in iraq, white house said that case against isad is not a slamdunk. >> we're continuing to work to build on the asset ams made by
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-- assetments made by the insellgence community, degree of confidence are varying this is not app air-tight case. >> reporter: european union, is also calls for more investigation. >> we're still monitoring this along with our international partners to see what has really happened. it does not sieme seem clear ats point. >> i think all of us not just in united states but in the world recognize how we cannot stand by and permit the systemic use of weapons like chemical weapons on civilian population. >> reporter: in what in sea a weakening of his threat, mr. obama said kills tens of thousands of innocent civilians is itself crossing a red line, his aides say crossing chemical
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weapons line will not necessarily prompt a military response. lou: thank you wendell. >> my next guest said if if a red line in syria has been crossed, there is no u.s. policy that can bring down the assad regime. joining us now, fox news middle east and terrorism expert dr. waly will ferris, this -- dr. walid phares. thank you for joining us. that was about as confusing remarks about game changers and red lines as i have heard, your react? >> look, narrative by obama administration by itself, is very telling. telling us that they don't want to intervene at this point in time. in any form or shape that would crumble that regime. for example they say a degree of varying confidence. they know this is the use of the weapon, defensive judgment is there the not there yet.
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and likely originated from the regime, when you have such a language, not really clarifying th regime is responsible in terms of using that evidence, we don't know whether the evidence is coming from. still that obama administration will have to bring the case to congress, security count, how odd in 2003 we had a similar situation, and obama administration at the time of the critical of it, it is not a clear picture of what is happening in syria. lou: this language, and these calls for action on the part of senators mccain, worker, graham, they their seems to be amonths a few senators, a blood luft of some sort as they call for u.s. reaction it is a peculiar most because, this administration, has confused intelligence with its determination to speak public
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whatever that intelligence is. before it has really corroborated and understood. this is making no sense. >> well, lou, the big picture is that there are tens of thousands people who have been killed as you said, for much lower numbers, in ago yo yugoslavia te have intervened, there is something in syrian that is not allowing the administration to have a plan, if we deal with the regime in syria they have a real army, and the iranian regime, thanks to our quick departure from iraq, they are in syria. are we ready for iran? that is my initial questioning, i don't have plain for iran, so i don't think we have a plan for
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syria on the ground. lou: and perplexing, the relationship, between the that are mayor blair in th player inn should, theys too t they -- chos russia. the relationship between u.s. and russia is frayed we don't have an estimation as to what russian goals are vis-a-vis syria and the region. >> russian goals are yet to be clear fay -- clarified. any time we take an initiative to security council we will not get in new york what we got for libya, we have iran an issue to deal work iran could do us a lot of headaches not just in syria,
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in the gulf, do we have plain for that? -- a plan for that? who is our partner in syria? who are our allies, we'll tell them come and takeover. we know that al qaeda is growing, we know we have the free syria army that is or solid allie, but do we have a partnership with them? lou: we have as you know secretary of state john kerry has along with our 6 partners decided to choose one of the rebel groups with which to deal leaving as you point out on this broadcast another 49 groups in some form of limbo and uncertainty to their role if united states were to -- some sort of activity in support against the assad regime. walid thank you we appreciate it. >> dr. ra walid phares.
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lou: on capitol hill. the legislation passed house overwhelmingly 361-front vote, congress, eager to leave for its week-long recess. >> legislation gives the department of transportation flexibility to use unspent money to cover the costs of furloughed air traffic controllers and other official workers at the faa as it wishes, senate approved bill last night, white house said that president will sign it to law. >> americans are known for our charity and generocity. but may be shocked to find out how much money the federal government is spending on illegal immigrants in tonight's chalk talk. >> new data shows the economy growing, is it enough to bridge
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lou: economy grew in the first quarter but not enough to see the most economists who were expecting far better, leading economist professor allen biner in a moment but first what happened today on wall street, stacks ending -- stocks ending little change. economy growing 2.5% rate in first quarter, dow jones up 12 on the day, and s&p dow 3. and nazdaq down 11. it was a good week overall, all major indexes up on the week. >> seesaw trading session, dow
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crossing 0, 43 times, and strong week, dow up more than 1%. nazdaq up more than 2%. s&p up almost 2%. >> this week's performance represents an increase of about 350 billion in market cap, on the wilshire 5,000, consumer confidence today, falling this month to 3 month low, decline of less than most economists were expecting, price the goal closing more -- gold closing $8 lower. crude oil down 64-cents, concerns about a slowing economy sending investors who low risk government bonds yield on 10-year treasury falling 1.67. >> my next guest said that today's gdp report is disappointing that 2.5% is what we've been averaging since the recession ended. in other words, passable.
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joining us now former federal reserve vice chairman alan blinder, and author of book "after the music stopped." great to have you here. >> nice to be with you. lou: 2.5%, market did not like it. is that appropriate react to 2.5% on first report on a gdp . >> i think so, first point it is mediocre, generically we should have been doing better. in addition to that you hav expectations game, and market expectations were for a 3. you get a 2.5 it is a little bit of a disappointment. lou: i think about macro funds trying to gauge which way to move. you know they look at what is happening in europe. and watching what is happening
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here, what happened here. in case of gdp report as best we can estimate. they have a tough time right now trying to divine wa where we're headed. i'm going to take some pressure off and ask you. >> you want me to tell them? i'll start by saying nobody knows, and i'll try to answer now. it looks like the next quarter here is going to be weaker than previous. the fact that first was not strong, mitigates that a bit because of inventory fluctuations, we were looking for a bigger inventory build this quarter did not happen, perhaps next quarter. we'll havevise up a little bit but this looks weak. that said, next quarter still looks weak, if we don't have a one handle it will be a surprise, for the year number like 2.5, seems reasonable, if,
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this is a big if, we don't shoot ourselveses in the foot fiscally, again. latest estimate are, the potential for crashing into national debt ceiling has been pushed back, you remember congressional agreement earlier in the year made it may 18, 19 or something like that. now looks like enough revenue has come in spending was lower because of the sequester and other things, nobody has a date, but we may be talking about a september showdown. >> right. >> we could kill -- >> but that is not an inconsiderable deferral. given all that is occurring. >> it is very substantial. >> and looking out, very unpopular in washington dc right now to talk about unemployment but is remains absolutely the
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greatest issue in the mind of the most people responding to surveys. we have about 20 million people who are unemployed, in one fashion or the other. what relief is there inare in -- is there in sight? in prospect? >> i don't think there is much, ben bernanke, and they are talking about unemployment all of the time they are doing what they can. lou: you fed people stick together don't you. >> we try. lou: you make a terrific point here, it is a collision in one's mind if you covered washington very long to think that federal reserve chairman who is setting -- if you will -- metrics in terps of joblessness in the country for monetary policy, and
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there is no discussion from the other side, president of the united states and congress, about unemploymen and fiscal policy. >> you hear a little bit from president not that much and nothing from congress, if you hear anything it is about how much moreby should b we should g budget deficit. neither will boost the employment. lou: is it appropriate to consider we would have an economy oil look free, independent objective perspective on the future, that is independent of partnership and ideology these days. >> if you talk about forecasting likely outcomes, people on wall street, people on academia are doing that, not in a partisan way. as soon as you turn to question,
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it is what are we going to do about it? what kind of policy might make things better. lou: so far, when we're going to do about it has not -- >> not much. lou: has not been much and not exciting. we appreciate it. alan great to have you with us. >> great to be here. lou: up next, immigration reform debate, dividing republicans. our next guest said legal immigration is the real issue ann woulder will be here -- ann coulter will be here, in chalk talk how much of your hard earned tax dollars are benefiting the programs that government tells me that government tells me that condition,tionyour day to unplu. with centurylink as your technology partner, our visionary cloud infrastructure, and dedicated support, free you to focus on what matters. centurylink. your link to what's next.
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lou: we've mentioned more than a few times here about shocking increase in food stamps under president obama.
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when he took office, there were 31.9 million people. 31.9 million people on food stamps. now, that number is 47.8 million. that is a 50% spike almost, and it is stunning to think about it. because we have been out of recession come july, we'll have been out of recession for 4 years, and it continues. thanks to the government watchdog group, judicial watch, we're learning today as is often the case in government, it is not an accident, judicial watch announced it obtained document showing department of agriculture is promoting food stamps for illegal immigrants, a 2009 usda flyer distributed to memexican embassy, you need not
11:26 pm
divulge information regarding your imfraction status in seeking this benefit for your children. usda have their ways to get by it all. illegal immigrants are not allowed to receive tax credit. tax credit. i said tax credit, incredibly, a treasury department expectation oexpectationor generate notes tt the case, they have tripled from $2.1 billions back in 2008, to $7.4 billions now. so why is this troubling or
11:27 pm
alarming or wort worthy of note? senate "gang of 8" is pushing a path to citizenship for 11 million illegal immigrants, you can argue about the number, we told you that comes with a big asterisk, some say there are millions more, some say fewer. here is a troubling estimate. according to center for immigration studies, 47% of households with illegal immigrants receive some kind of welfare. 47%. now that is not certainly to criticize illegal immigrants who take welfare, more are we try -- nor are we trying to condemn the government of mexico. this is to criticize the government that over the course of more than a decade has
11:28 pm
squandered billions upon billions of taxpayer dollars and lied to our faces while doing it these are numbers, and thank you senator jeff sessions in his great staff for providing many of these numbers, and doing the hard work to calculate what government agents and the executive branch will not divulge, because this government understands one thing. it was the true not only under this president but previous. that the american people have to be denied knowledge about what is happening. because the public policy choices being made, and particularly on this issue, are awfully, off difficult to rationalize if the facts are before the american people. that administration wants you to know, well almost everything
11:29 pm
about illegal immigration but the facts, to know almost everything any this administration's policies but their affect. >> a decade of war in iraq and afghanistan, author rrllye nasser said that america is quickly becomes the dispensable nation. >> was there a third ternist terrorist in the boston bombing. >> >> ann coulter said this legal immigration is real problem, it could mean the end of america. the capital one cash rewards card gives you 1% cash back on all purchases, plus a 50% annual bonus. and everyone but her... no. no! no. ...likes 50% more cash. but i don't give up easy... do you want 50% more cash? yes! yes?! ♪ [ male announcer ] the capital one cash rewards card gives you 1% cash back on every purchase,
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lou: our next guest said the problem in this country is not just illegal immigration but legal immigration as well and
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boston marathon bombers are just the latest example. ann coulter. author of so many books. good to have you mere. >> good to be here. lou: you are against legal immigration, we're a nation of immigrants, my gosh harassy you can only imagine the stirrings. >> i am not against legal immigration i am thinking we should be pickier, choosier, i would like skilled immigrants who speak english and are familiar with our culture, you want your average up through imgrace, we have take immigrants who are better than us not worse an us. but instead of skimming in the cream we're scraping the bottom of the barrel, getting rid of on taking care of their country problems their terrorists their losers their poor people, ill lit yeah, the iilliterate in thn
11:34 pm
language, never mind ours, a lot of them don't make it, they are used to hollywood movies they don't like it, and they end up lashing out shooting americans. lou: a few. >> none should, zero il immigrat should collect welfare, and shooting people and set off bombs. lou: i never heard a politician in this country, say that this sunry should have standards for the people what we bridge in to the khan- we should have standards for people that we bring into this country. whichy used to. >> 1965. lou: edward kennedy authored a 1965 piece of legislation that changed immigration policies, and in correlates to some very serious issues, society for america. >> including for those who care about two parties, including the
11:35 pm
death of the republican party, romney would have won the last elect if we had the same population in america demographically as we did in 1980, but teddy kennedy immigration plan cut off immigrants where they had been coming for 200 years, you cannot come here if you are a danish surgeon or a spanish engineer, we want the push cart operator from pakistan, it is based on a family reunification, tribes are moving here, and also i mean you, here you know on business channel, everyone is talking about the poor guys with the blew collar jobs we need -- blue collar job we need high iq labor force, then why are we importing the low skilled labors that go to welfare.
11:36 pm
lou: the reason we are in part there is a land bridge between ourselveses and central and south america. we know that is now a birth right, i would like you to listen to eric holder, attorney general said about this issue. if we may on the path to citizenship, listen to attorney general. >> the way we treat our friends, and neighbors, who are undocumented, by creating a mechanism for them to learn citizenship and move out of shadows tran senses issue of immigration stat thus is a matter of civil and human rights. lou: it is inspiring and i can not find any connection to either civil rights or to rights, nor have i heard anyone suggestion that people acting in countervention of your laws and civility are entitled to civil
11:37 pm
rights. >> yeah, people who are not americans, we don't owe them anything. anything. i wish the rest of the world luck but we're sinks the boat here. lou: all elites of left and right are combined spending $1.5 billion from 2008 to 2012, lobbying on this one issue. more than any other issue before the u.s. congress and senate. >> yeah, they want cheap labor, and let the rest of us make up the difference in the wages they pay their workers, i have never seen an issue with elites elected representatives on one side, and american people on other side, if you said in your chalkboard segment that is why they have to lie, to see marco rubeo saying they will not be able to college any government assess stan, you said that on facts news sunday, a week after -- senate voted down we know as we said in chalkboard segment
11:38 pm
about 50% of illegal immigrants are collecting welfare now. >> it is a particular time in american history. >> this idea of fairness that took hold, the crazy idda of fairness in 60s, the like a basketball team should not be able to choose the best basketball fair, no fair that the one legged. player is losing out to the star. i'm going to be a sumo wrestler, we have our own people to take care of. we're letting in immigrants just at the age where they can start collectincollect social security benefits. lou: thank you ann coulter. >> thank you, lou. lou: let us know what you think go to lo lou dobbs. com. up next.
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breaking details in case against boston bombing suspect, dzhokhar tsarnaev. including possibility of a third terrorist.
11:40 pm
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72 the man charged in boston marathon bombings moved from a hospital to a federal detention center. dzhokhar tsarnaev is recovering from gunshot wounds to head, neck, legs and hands, turning their attention to a landfill near the university that tsarnaev attended combing through garbage hoping to find his laptop computer, and fox news report that remott control devices not cell phones were used to detonate the bomb, and a third person in the crowd has not been ruled out as a suspect.
11:43 pm
for more on challenges investigator face now that tsarnaev has stopped communicating. with law enforcement authorities, since having his miranda rights read, we're joined by randy zellen. it looks like federal government, specifically the justice department screwed up in bringing federal magistrate judge into tsarnaev's room to be read his rights. >> well, i think it depends on what you are focused in oi almost want to say like catching our wife in bed with another man, and saying is that milk fresh in the fridge. fridge. >> according to you we're not in the right room. >> we might be. now are you trying toy there me ouch. the question, what were we trying to accomplish with regard
11:44 pm
to the interrogation, if you try to -- you don't need his statements he isot going to get a fair trial, he is not getting a jury of his peers, there is more than sufficient evidence to punch out his ticket to wherever you go in his religion after you die. if you get information on a broader scope, were they going to do this in other places, were they connected with anyone else, then i would say yes government screwed up who cares if the confession gets tossed on out. lou: if we may, going with recent, they screwed up. they lost all further possibility to talk with him, unless we suddenly assume it is unproductive to talk with a suspect, who might confess and might admit knowledge of 7 facts which would help investigates it
11:45 pm
is clear that justice department either through u.s. attorneys or through the federal bureau of investigation has screwed up, or, for whatever purpose, and for whatever diseen design u.s. attorney general, mr. holder confounded the legal process for a specific purpose. >> let's try to parse it out, if the goal was national security. if the goal was finding out who the people were connected to, where they got the ability where they got everything they needed to carry it out, who cares about miranda, who cares if the statements get suppressed, get the information and use it to make sure it does not happen again. you say you screwed up then. lou: or, holder had a motive
11:46 pm
that is not divinible if we can create that word, by us poor laymen there is something messed up about a process that is so clumsy and surprising to investigating agents there in the hotel room, that they are shocked whether a federal magistrate walks through the door with a public defender for trying out loud. >> only thing i can say we've seen it before in terrorism cases, do we treat them as enemy combatant or give them full panoply of rights afforded. government has to prove your guilt, if attorney general holder was trying to end a message to the world saying he is presumed innocent he is getting his rights, we're the greatest country in the world.
11:47 pm
lou: it would preserve his right, had they just waited another day and a half to do so they would have been within their rights as prosecutors, and his would not have been a bridged. with that randy zellen we have to leave the subject, we'll take it up i'm sure in the weeks ahead. >> thank you,. lou: up next president obama makes history while taking shots at his political rifl rival dura speech in front of planned parenthood today? planned thank you orville and wilbur... ...amelia... neil and buzz: for teaching us that you can't create the future... by clinging to the past. and with that: you're history. instead of looking behind... delta is looking beyond. 80 thousand of us investing billions... in everything from the best experiences below... to the finest comforts above. we're not simply saluting history...
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we're making it.
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lou: president obama today became first sitting president to tracy planned parenthood annual meeting delivering a
11:51 pm
strongly worded speech attacking critics of planned parenthood. >> there are still those who want to turn back the clock, to policies more suited to 1950s than 20th century, they have been involved in orchestrated and historic effort to role back basic rights with women's. lou: he also made a quick pitch for obamacare to quote, get the word out. >> "new york times" reporting some senators are quietly working on a plan to revive effort to restrict second amendment. our guesgun control legislation collapsed in senate last week. up next, a new book laying out
11:52 pm
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lou: talking with our next guest said that battle for power within obama administration sent american foreign policy into retreat making country look less engaged. joining us now, best selling author of brand-new book "the dispensable nation." vali nasr, welcome, we recommend your book. the need to stop leading militarily, you and i are having
11:56 pm
this conversation to day that president talks about game changers and red lines once again in syria and rhetori rhett continues. what is going on here? >> well president laid down a red line if syria uses chemical weapon then u.s. will get involved in the conflict, syria -- there severed tha there is ea has done so, if america does not do anything, it is about our credibility. our willingness to enforce our red line, we're not doing so that would impact our standing. lou: our standing is already i guess, suspect, given all
11:57 pm
developments. we have watched the obama drama, if you will with north korea recede from headlines with boston bombing, we have now watching a president recede from his red line deck l declarationa number of months iran remains a in middle east, where is this leading us? >> message outside to everyone that wireless engaged with the world, we don't want to lead on critical issues globally there is north korea and syria, have you crises that really require american leadership. in order to galvanize international community around longerstitutions, but also, is cases like arab spring since had happened we've been disengaged in an important region of world, as development push it in new directs, message outside is that
11:58 pm
we are downgrading the importance of foreign policy, we don't see as much value of our role in the world, we don't want to be a leading player that leads everyone to march to their own drummer that creates a greater chaos, that we're seeing with syria. in last two years, left to its own devices, initial comm international community has not been able to get around it, it has gone from bad to worse. lou: you mention political warfare in obama administration between white house and secretary of state hillary clinton. how can such tensions and disruptive petty bureaucrat icon flick be allowed to persist? >> well, it should not. i think in varieties of cases
11:59 pm
from afghanistan to middle east, it impacted our policymaking because state department, which stands for engagement and diplomacy, and played an important role in conflicts bike balkanlike the balkans has not d its voice in this administration, secretary clinton of probably more influ18 shall than any then. there is a. i don't think that is being for the best. >> vali i look forward to your earlier return to the broadcast. congratulation on your new book. let's hope it remains indispensable. thank you very much.
12:00 am
>> thank you. lou: go to you can get links directly to the purchase of the book, have a gr >> announcer: the following is a paid presentation for hip hop abs brought to you by beachbody. pay close attention! don't miss your chance to save 75% off hip hop abs. if you're looking to shed the fat... >> in the first week, i lost 12 pounds. >> announcer: a way to flatten and sculpt your core... >> you're hitting every part of your abs. >> announcer: and finally get those tight, sexy, toned abs of your dreams.... then stop doing sit-ups. >> woman: say what?! >> announcer: and start dancing with hip hop abs, the fun, new, ab-sculpting system that takes the world's hottest dance moves and turns them into ab-sculpting, fat-burning routines so you don't even feel like you're working out. and something so much fun, it doesn't even feel like exercise. >> it was so much fun, i thought i was in a nightclub.


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